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You may be spending too much!

Why pay extra to have one company for your website and another company for your computers and office network?  Some services could easily be combined, saving you money!

Wyoming Network, Inc. is the answer.  Our website design rates are low and our results are high.  We build mobile-friendly websites that rank highly in the search engines, we update your website for free, we provide free tech support, and a lot more.  Now we’re adding I.T. and networking services.  We’re a one-stop shop for your computer network and your website.

We offer a full suite of I.T. services, and by combining your website and I.T. services, you’ll save money.  Take a look:


  • Frequent on-site visits and in-person tech support
  • Unlimited remote and telephone tech support during regular business hours
  • Networking computers and connecting them to printers, scanners, fax machines, the network, and the internet
  • Setting up WiFi and keeping it secure
  • Repairing computers, including virus removal
  • Off-site backups and data recovery
  • Operating system upgrades


  • Setting up email on phones, tablets and computers
  • Helping you with Office, Outlook, and other programs
  • Updating and making changes to your website
  • Printed traffic reports mailed to you every month
  • Review of your search engine rankings and recommendations on improvements
  • Managing DNS for your website, email, etc.
  • Managing your domain name, handling all of the technical issues, alerting you to renewals, and maintaining security of your domain name


  • Firewall installation and management
  • Router installation and management
  • Updating software and keeping virus definitions up to date
  • Domain controllers
  • Installing and managing switches
  • Server installation and maintenance
  • Managing Exchange servers
  • And more….

All of that is included in one low monthly price!

We also recommend:

  • Off-site Backup with Carbonite 
  • Spam filtering for all email accounts with Spam Titan 
  • Antivirus protection with Trend Micro

We saved the best for last. Our contract clients don’t pay anything for extra time!  I.T. companies usually start the meter running the moment you call.  Not at Wyoming Network, Inc.!  If we spend extra hours working on your computer network, you don’t pay anything extra.  It’s all included in your contract.  That means you can call us anytime during business hours, and not worry about your bill.  We’re there to keep you and up and online, regardless of the time it takes.

Call us today at 307-772-4466.  You’ll save money when Wyoming Network, Inc. hosts your website and manages your computer network.




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