Wyoming blacksmith branding irons, and steak brands

Branding Irons and steak brands to brand your steak or barbecue!
Branding Irons Barbecue Set

Branding irons and personalized steak brands with your initials on them!
Personalized Steak Brands
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Our branding irons and steak brands make great gifts!

A personalized branding iron with the recipient's initials on them makes a great gift. Branding irons are great for wedding gifts and gifts for the wedding party. Our branding irons turn up as executive gifts, retirement gifts, Christmas gifts and more. A branding iron is great for the backyard barbecuer, or just to hang over the mantlepiece. Any time you want to give someone something special they will remember and use forever, consider a branding iron from Wyoming Network and the Prairie Forge.

The Prairie Forge is located in the wooded hills of northwestern Wyoming. Rick Loetscher, our branding iron blacksmith, is a Wyoming native and 3rd generation Blacksmith.

Folks with a true western flair appreciate our branding irons, including President George W. Bush (who owns GWB and BUSH branding irons), Vice President Dick Cheney, Wyoming U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, and former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer, as well as branding iron customers from all over the world.

Our branding irons are completely hand forged by Rick and each one is unique. Look for the hammer marks! With proper care our branding irons will last several lifetimes… that's right, several lifetimes. You're not buying a tool or furniture - you're buying a family heirloom.

We ship via UPS, and UPS won't deliver to P.O. Boxes.  Please include a street address for shipping.