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If you love golf, you have to see the most unique and best looking golf clubs on the planet. A Wyoming Network golf club made of jade is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, and you can use it every time you play golf. It’s a wonderful executive gift, retirement gift, or Christmas gift for that special golfer. Your golfer’s eyes will light up the first time he or she sees our jade golf club. These golf putters are made of Wyoming jade, and are sure to be conversation pieces and treasured gifts.

Our jade golf putters are made for us by Paradigm Putters of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The golf clubs are 36 inches long with a 70 degree upright angle. The faces are 1-3 degrees. Our Wyoming Network jade golf clubs conform to USGA rules, and can even be used in golf tournaments!

Each golf club is handmade and cut individually, so please allow some extra time for us to devote to making your golf putter. Our putters are used on the golf course, but they are also executive gifts, retirement gifts, trophies, awards or prizes. They may be custom engraved with names, dates or logos. Please contact us about engraving. The engraving is located on the bottom of the putter, so it is the first thing you see when you take the putter out of your golf bag. Engraving is $15 extra with the purchase of a putter.

Here’s what our craftsman says about a Wyoming Network jade golf putter:

“It took literally millions of years to form the type of rocks used in my golf putters and in that time they developed their micro-crystalline molecular structure and that is what gives the putters such a unique feel. You are not hitting with something that has been melted, remelted, cast and ground, you are stroking with something that has a unique crystalline structure that transmits the feel from the golf ball to your hands in a way that is extremely consistent.”

“The shape is intended to put the maximum kinetic energy directly behind the ball with a low center of gravity to produce topspin and get the ball rolling properly.
The golf putters are all “flat lapped” on polishing machines to produce a mirror flat face. The weight of the head, the angle of the shaft and the loft of the face are all within the “standards” of typical putters designs.”

The Jade Putters are $224.95. Shipping within the United States is free! We do ship to Canada, but at an extra charge.

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