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Selling Your Stuff

Could you use 169 million potential customers?

eBay has 169 million users. All of them are looking for great products. We think they should buy those products from you!

eBay Online Sales – Everything Done for You!

Would you like us to handle everything? Let’s do that!

We will put your products on Facebook, eBay and WyomingNetworkNews.com.  We’ll handle all communications with customers and ship your products for you.

Wyoming Network, Inc. does not guarantee sales of your products.

Here’s how it works and what it costs:

Listing fee: For $8 per item, Wyoming Network, Inc. will do the following:

  • Take pictures of your products
  • List your products on eBay, Facebook, and WyomingNetworkNews.com.
  • Hold your products in a secure location.
  • Ship your products to the buyer when they are purchased, and provide tracking information.
  • Answer questions from buyers or contact you if we don’t know the answers.
  • Write you a check when your item sells!

The fee is $8 per item. For example, if you bring in a chainsaw, a doll, and a coffeepot, those are three different items, and you would be charged $24.

eBay Fees:

eBay charges you up to 20% of the selling price. If you do not want to incur those fees, let us know and we will not list your products on eBay.

Credit Card Fees:

If your item is sold on WyomingNetworkNews.com and the customer pays by credit card, there will be a 5% credit card fee deducted from the money you receive. This covers the fees the credit card company charges us.

Important note: If a buyer pays by check or cash (only applies to Facebook and WyomingNetworkNews.com), you will receive 100% of the selling price.


Everything is done for you. All you do is collect the money.

Wyoming Network, Inc. does not take any commission from your sales.

Call Wyoming Network, Inc. today at (307) 772-4466, and let’s get your stuff sold on the Internet!

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