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Social Media Marketing

Yes, you should be on Social Media!

More than two billion people use Facebook. Let’s make sure they know about you!

You’re busy running your business. You may not have time to spend writing posts on Facebook and other social media. The advertising system on Facebook can be confusing and take time to learn.

We’ll do it for you! Wyoming Network, Inc. will write and put your posts on Facebook, and manage an advertising campaign that could be seen by tens of thousands of people.

Facebook is the cheapest form of paid advertising there is. For about $100, as many as 20,000 people could see your ad.

We’ll manage your Facebook advertising campaign. We’ll create the ads and get them placed.

However, the ad won’t be as effective if your Facebook page isn’t up to date, so we’ll do that for you, too.

We will create your posts and put them on Facebook, and respond to any comments or questions.If you want, we’ll call you every week to discuss what you would like the world to know and what the posts should say. Yes, you should be on Social Media. Wyoming Network, Inc. makes it easy! Call us today at (307) 772-4466.

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